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Where is the address of the hospital the social health clinic in Hanoi?

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Where is the best sexual health clinic is the question of many people who are concerned with social diseases. Let our experts in venereal disease learn about this question in the article below:

As some of you know, the seriousness of venereal disease is one of the leading causes of high mortality in fact. Because the habit of living liberally with the lack of knowledge, the number of infected cases is increasing day by day, if not recognized and treated early, the disease can cause a number of dangerous complications. So where is the best place to see a venereal disease in Hanoi? It is a question that many people are concerned with. For the answer, read the list of places below.

I. What is sociopathy?

Social disease is a term that refers to dangerous diseases with high risk of transmission threatening the whole society. Risky social diseases include: syphilis, gonorrhea, genital warts, genital herpes ...

In the past, social diseases were difficult to treat due to undeveloped technology, knowledge about the disease was not recommended, disregarding treatment led to dangerous consequences such as polio, nerve damage… even loss of life. But with the progress of modern medicine, people suffering from sexually transmitted diseases are able to return to normal life when diagnosed and treated promptly.

* Criteria for choosing a place for quality social care in Hanoi - where is the best place to visit?

In the long run, the problem of choosing a treatment area, the patient should pay attention to the following criteria:

  • By the Ministry of Health. The Department of Health grants a campaign permit
  • a team of specialists, doctors who have many years of experience and high qualifications
  • spacious and clean equipment, advanced and advanced investment facilities
  • The cost of medical examination and treatment is always public
  • Medical records must be kept strictly confidential
  • Service quality is highly appreciated, medical examination and treatment solutions using advanced and accurate therapies

The above criteria are essential factors in choosing an address for testing and treatment.

II. List of the best hospitals and clinics for venereal diseases

To help patients choose a reliable provider, we will provide a list of some reputable hospitals in Hanoi, you can refer to the following list.

1. Hung Thinh Sexual Disease Clinic, a prestigious venereal disease testing facility in Hanoi

  • Address: 380 Xa Dan, Dong Da, Hanoi

Hung Thinh sex disease clinic is one of the medical units that always receive high comments from the sick people thanks to the results of the treatment of social diseases that are always better. We have become a medical place specializing in quality sexual health treatment trusted by people with disease, choosing to seek treatment. We have a generalization of important factors to meet the examination and treatment needs of patients with many strengths in reputation as well as services such as:

  • ensure the opportunity for legal advocacy

Hung Thinh Veterinary Clinic is fully licensed and censored by the competent functional department as well as operating in accordance with the rules from the Department of Health. Conduct medical examination and treatment services under the management of a competent, public and transparent agency. Therefore, patients can completely rest assured about the fee and prestige of the examination here.

  • Owning a system of specialist doctors who are good experts in the field of venereal diseases

Hung Thinh Clinic owns a system of top-notch specialists, experienced and strong specialists in the treatment of social diseases from mild to severe. Patients who come to us for treatment of social diseases will be tested and examined by online experts to clearly determine the cause of the disease and health condition, so we can advise on scientific treatment methods. , Keep it without leaving harmful consequences to health after treatment. Therefore, patients are completely safe when coming to check and treat venereal diseases here.

  • Safe and effective solution

Based on the patient's health status and disease phenomenon, through the examination results, the specialist will recommend the most appropriate treatment regimen, which should not cause pain along with dangerous negative complications. Chance to happen. At us, we are applying many effective and safe ways to treat social diseases, helping to treat typical difficult-to-treat cases such as:

- DHA gene restoration therapy specializes in the treatment of gonorrhea.

- Synthetic immunotherapy for the treatment of syphilis.

- Treatment of genital warts with the advanced optical method ALA-PDT.

- Balanced immunological measures combined with wave capacitance for genital acne.

  • well-equipped team, advanced medical equipment

At the sex clinic, we always focus on first investing as well as upgrading spacious facilities, building a system of separate precautions, ensuring maximum sterility, relaxing medical examination and treatment space, Widely provide patient diagnosis with the most optimal medical examination and treatment environment.

On the other hand, here is also one of the medical sites that are always pioneering in the use of advanced technical therapies, machinery and equipment along with the latest cures, which are completely imported from a number of countries. Has a high medical background such as the United States, Germany, Korea... It is censored for trust by the health department. This helps in the testing and accurate identification of social diseases in order to improve the effectiveness of treatment.

  • Prestigious medical service

When visiting our clinic, all patients' knowledge and paperwork receive a dedicated appointment as well as advice on the best method of elimination from the system of specialized medical staff. Karma. In addition, when visiting the clinic, the patient is completely assured when he does not have to wait in line, or the situation is crowded like other public hospitals. All personal information and patient records will be absolutely confidential.

It is thanks to the above outstanding advantages that we have always received trust and good feedback from patients.

2. Central Hospital of Dermatology - where is the best place to test for sexually transmitted diseases?

  • Address: 43 Trang Thi - Hai Ba Trung - City. Hanoi

The hospital is a leading medical specialty location in the field of dermatology and venereal diseases. The hospital is also a place that always innovates some modern and modern treatment methods to replace some traditional and dangerous methods.

The hospital also has a full range of equipment and expert systems who are the main doctors in the field of skin diseases. Because the first line hospitals in the country need to be examined and treated are relatively crowded, sick people spend a lot of time waiting.

3. Bach Mai Hospital - where is the best place for social medical examination?

  • Head office: No. 78 Giai Phong - Phuong Mai - Dong Da - City. Hanoi

As one of the largest hospitals in the country, the last hospital of the Northern location, the hospital is in the Top of some of the best venereal hospitals.

The team of doctors here is famous in the treatment of some social diseases, with high professional skills and long experience in the profession. Currently, the dermatology department at the hospital uses treatment techniques such as plasma, CO2 laser, skin care with stem cell products to bring high efficiency... The hospital is a general hospital that needs continuous treatment. There will be more patients to visit. Patients who want to be examined in a timely manner must arrive early to use the examination number.

4. Where is the best place for social medical examination- Central Military Hospital 108

  • Located at: number one Tran Hung Dao - Hai Ba Trung - City. Hanoi

Another trusted venereal clinic is 108 hospital, which has many achievements in treating thousands of patients with venereal diseases for different conditions.

here is equipped with a team of advanced machines, a team of experienced doctors. Depending on the situation as well as the disease, the gynecologist will give a scientific treatment.

5. Where is the best place to visit a venereal disease in Hanoi - Viet Duc Hospital

  • Head office: 40 Trang Thi Street - Hang Bong - Hoan Kiem - Hanoi City

Along with Bach Mai Hospital, Viet Duc Hospital is also a reputable facility for treating sexual diseases. With cases of venereal disease testing, patients are completely assured because Viet Duc Hospital is the leading new location in the field of venereal disease testing.

6. Hanoi Medical University Hospital - where is the best place to visit venereal diseases?

  • Address: No. 1 Ton That Tung - Trung Tu - Dong Da - City. Hanoi

famous as the place where a system of leading experts is concentrated, a lot of professors, doctors, experts ... Have rich experience in the profession along with participating in training and supporting the system of doctors across the country.

In order to serve the training, teaching and treatment issues of the Medical University hospital, always updating and applying advanced methods, the medical team is always cultivated with professional knowledge.

The hospital's reliability is highly appreciated, whether there are appropriate medical examination and treatment areas for each patient's economic condition. However, the treatment fee here is somewhat higher than that of some hospitals in Hanoi.

Venereal disease threatens many patients' lives, is the impact of the whole community. Therefore, as soon as you feel the symptoms of STDs, you need to immediately go to a number of specialized clinics for examination. But when going to some public hospitals, people ask early to be able to use the number of early medical examinations due to the overload, it is necessary to pay attention to the use of masks because this is a place where many infectious diseases are concentrated. Private clinics also meet the criteria for treating venereal diseases, eliminating patients' time.

The above are the hospitals, we have the best social diseases that are trusted by many patients for testing and treatment. Hopefully the above list will help you answer your question - where is the best place to visit a venereal disease? Patients will choose to indicate themselves the appropriate disease testing area.

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